Sonatrach-COSIDER: Completion of three desalination plants in eastern Algiers

A letter of commitment was signed, today, Thursday in Algiers, between the two branches of the Sonatrach complex, the Algerian Energy Company (AEC), the Civil Engineering and Construction Company (GCB) and “COSIDER” corporation for the implementation of three seawater desalination plants in Bordj El Kifan, El Marsa (province of Algiers) and Korso (Boumerdes Province) to supply the eastern region of the capital.

The signing took place in the presence of the Minister of Energy and Mines, Mohamed Arkab, the Minister of Water Resources and Water Security, Karim Hosni, and the Wali of Algiers and Boumerdes, in addition to the managers of the Algerian Water Corporation.

The production capacity of the water desalination plants for Bordj Al-Kifan, Al-Marsa and Korso, respectively, is 10,000 m3/day, 60,000 m3/day and 80,000 m3/day, according to the data presented during the signing ceremony.

The Al Kifan Tower project will be completed in a period of five months, while the marina project will be operational five months after its launch, but it will be working partially before reaching the maximum capacity within nine months.

As for Korso project, it will enter service partially six months after its launch (40,000 m3/day) to be fully operational within 12 months.

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