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Supreme Judicial Council: Approval of promotion and ordination of 2,149 judges

The Supreme Judicial Council, during its second regular session, held on Thursday at the headquarters of the Supreme Court, approved the promotion and ordination of 214 judges and the approval of the annual movement project for judges, which included 644 judges.

The final statement of the session chaired by the Minister of Justice, Vice President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Abderrachid Tabi, stated that the promotion and ordination of 2,149 judges had been approved, in accordance with Articles 40 and 51 of the Organic Law of September 6, 2004, which includes the Basic Law of the Judiciary.

Also, 23 requests for referral to deposition were examined, 21 of which were approved and two were rejected in accordance with Article 81 of the Organic Law containing the Basic Law of the Judiciary, in addition to approving the appointment of 6 judges and the termination of the appointment of 7 judges in accordance with Article 76 and following the Organic Law containing the Basic Law of the Judiciary.

In this session, the members of the Supreme Judicial Council also approved the draft annual movement of judges, which included 644 judges.

At the opening of the session, the Minister of Justice had confirmed that “the significant number of judges proposed for promotion reflects the efforts exerted to take care of professional capabilities and adopt new means in the areas of follow-up, monitoring and training, ensuring that this is in an objective framework that depends on professionalism, ability, integrity, experience and giving the law all its rights.” It also reflects “the efforts made by judges in the field in the context of training and further empowerment, and the choice of many of them to double self-efficacy as a guide to good conduct.”

In the same context, the minister explained that the project of the annual movement of judges in this session is of “special importance” as it coincides with the approach of social entry, and has been prepared with serious care and diligence as much as possible to find a balance between the performance dimension, which is the main goal of the movement, and taking into account other dimensions, including the judges’ social and family status,” adding that “family stability and psychological comfort conditions are of great importance and positively reflect on professional performance.”

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