Ténès beach: “Victims of gas poisoning left hospital.”

The victims of gas poisoning, evacuated on Sunday evening to Ziroud Youcef hospital in Ténès (Chlef province), have all left the health establishment after receiving necessary care, an official at the local Directorate of Health and Population (DHP) said Monday.

” Out of the 193 people admitted to the hospital of Ténès on Sunday evening, 7 spent the night there and left the hospital on Monday at 7am after receiving necessary care,” stated the Head of prevention at the same department, Dr Nasreddine Benkartalia.

He reported that people admitted to the hospital of Ténès presented various symptoms such as fever, nausea, vomiting, redness in eyes and allergy, noting that doctors and paramedical staff stood by their bedside until the early morning.

Speaking on the regional radio of Chlef, the Wali (Governor), Lakhdar Seddas, confirmed that no victim of the poisoning is currently in the hospital of Ténès, mentioning the setting up of a commission of enquiry in order to know the “ins and outs” of this case.

“Services from various security bodies went to the central beach of Ténès yesterday evening in order to carry out the usual analyses, necessary in such circumstances, which require high technology,” he said.

On the same occasion, the province mayor announced that the Ministry of the Environment had sent a specialized commission to analyze the waters of the river located next to the beach.

“No hypothesis will be neglected but, obviously, the most plausible one (it comes back with insistence), is the one related to the dumping of a boat off Ténès of animals food”, he underlined, mentioning the opening of an investigation on this issue by the prosecutor’s office of Chlef.

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