The 18th Conference of Arab Ministers of Higher Education calls for protecting Arab university degrees from forgery

The work of the 18th Conference of Ministers of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Arab World, which concluded this afternoon in Algiers, culminated in a call for the adoption of a unified Arab system to protect university degrees from forgery through the use of “blockchain” technology.

The recommendations read out by the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Abdelbaki Benzian, in his capacity as the president of the conference, included the need to “adopt the executive plan for the general framework of Arab scientific research in the social, cultural and economic fields with the aim of strengthening Arab cooperation in the field of higher education and scientific research.”

The participants also recommended “updating educational frameworks for scientific qualifications at the level of Arab countries to keep pace with developments, as well as strengthening scientific research in the humanities and social sciences and exchanging Arab experiences, as well as focusing on applied research and encouraging its dissemination and linking it to the needs of the public and private economic and social sectors.”

The participants called for “the dispatch of major qualitative projects represented by the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science (ALECSO) in the areas of localizing artificial intelligence and Arab classification of Arab universities, as well as supporting the ALECSO Observatory by providing it with data and statistics related to the higher education and scientific research sector and encouraging Arab research and academic unity among Arab universities. “.

It was also called for “transforming the recommendations for performance measurement indicators for the uses of artificial intelligence into a questionnaire and circulating it to the Arab countries and following up the achievement periodically, in addition to coordinating with the Arab countries to propose an Arab program for joint research projects and determining their financing mechanisms.”

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