The Ministry of Higher Education: Algeria and Tunisia decide to benefit from the gains of cooperation.

Algeria and Tunisia agreed to “benefit” from the gains of cooperation in the field of higher education and scientific research, especially by “reactivating” the bilateral symposium of universities as a body for “reflection and exchange” on major issues, according to a statement issued today, Fridayby the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

The same source stated that the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Abdelbaki Benzianeand his Tunisian counterpart, MoncefBoukathir, discussed, during a working session held yesterday, Thursday, via videoconference“the state of bilateral relations in the field of higher education and scientific research,”.

On this occasion, the two sides agreed to “take advantage of the gains achieved by this cooperation, update and reformulate the current cooperation mechanisms, and develop an innovative approach around this cooperation based on three axes.”

These axes relate to “scientific research, technological development and innovation through the establishment of participatory research related to the social and economic challenges of the modern world and the strategic needs of the two countries,” to pave the way for “the emergence of new research topics and multidisciplinary projects involving various research bodies and social and economic actors.”

The ministry indicated that “this new vision will allow encouraging the development of laboratory complexes that have the ability to intensify the two countries’ participation in the new European programs 2021-2027.”

It added that the two countries also agreed to “implement the 25 research projects and the 6 research laboratories selected by the bilateral scientific committee.”

Meanwhile, the two ministers decided to “strengthen university cooperation by reactivating the Algerian-Tunisian symposium of universities as a body for reflection and exchange on major topics of interest to both countries in the field of higher education and scientific research,” as well as “the possibility of mobility for professors, researchers and students within a new, organized and coordinated framework as part of a partnership with laboratories and research structures at the university level.

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