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The President of the Republic: “details matter to me, for the simple citizen matters to me.”.

The President of the Republic, AbdelmadjidTebboune, affirmed, today, Saturday in Algiers, the interest he grants to all the details, for the concerns of the simple citizen constitute the core of his priorities.

The statement was made in a speech he delivered during the opening of the national symposium on economic recovery, in which he presented live examples of young people whose investment projects have been suspended or frozen due to bureaucratic practices or fears of some officials.

In this context, the President of the Republic stated: “Some may think that we are lowering ourselves to the level of details. The details matter to me for the simple citizen matters to me.”

He pointed out to a model of a young entrepreneur in the province of Oran who produces milk and breeds cows. The administration informed him of the decision to demolish the location of his business “because it is located in an industrial area, not an agricultural one.”

It would have been more appropriate to transfer the activity of this citizen to the appropriate place instead of closing his productive activity, the president added, highlighting that “demolition is easy, while construction remains difficult.”

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