Tlemcen: Informational and awareness day on ways to invest in marine fishing

Directorate of Maritime Fishing and Fishing Resources of Tlemcen organized an awareness day on ways to invest in the field of marine fishing today, Thursday, at the Faculty of Technology, University of Tlemcen, in the Pole of the municipality of Chetouane.

The activities of this day, organized in coordination with the University of “Abou Bekr Belkaid” of Tlemcen, included providing interventions to explain the ways of developing mini-projects in the field of marine fishing and aquaculture, starting from finding the idea of ​​the project until its realization and how to run the mini-enterprise and market the product by executives from the Directorate of Maritime Fishing and others representing various Operating agencies, banks and insurance companies, in addition to distributing brochures to participating students.

In her intervention, the person in charge of information in the Directorate of Maritime Fisheries of Tlemcen, Leila Kara, stated that young project holders can establish mini-enterprises in the fields of aquaculture integrated with agriculture, algae breeding, fish, ornamental plants and various marine fishing baits, as well as institutions in the field of building and repairing ships and other projects that allow creating wealth and job creation.

Representatives of various operating agencies also explained the most important privileges related to benefiting from loans, especially those related to the personal contribution of the project owner, granting them an additional loan according to their desire to expand the project, the loan repayment period, field accompaniment of these devices to the project owner and other privileges.

On the sidelines of this media day, an exhibition was organized that included pavilions for the marine fishing sector, the Technical School for Training in Maritime Fishing for Ghazaouaet, and another for investors to display various equipment for some projects in the field of marine fishing and aquaculture, as well as pavilions dedicated to various operating agencies, banks and insurance companies.

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