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Two years of normalization in Morocco: dependence on the political decision and destruction of the economy

The Moroccan Authority for the Support of the Nation’s Causes renewed its condemnation of the normalizing Moroccan regime and its suppression of all forms of protest that reject any relationship with the Zionist entity, stressing that the outcome of two years of the Makhzen-Zionist normalization was a catastrophe for the Moroccan economy and national sovereignty resulting in the dependence of the political decision and the loss of strategic interests.

The Moroccan Authority indicated in a statement that “normalization has caused the collapse of the national economy, the destruction of the agricultural sector through suspicious seed deals, the depletion of water resources and underground bed, the spread of strains of wild bees, and experimentation with viruses, in addition to diseases that destroy plants, and linking Morocco’s financial and industrial market to an entity with a military economy with limited market and limited resources, hostage to the military establishment and the Zionist Ministry of War.

It said in this context that: “On the occasion of this tragic and painful memory, we wonder about sweet promises, bright dreams and illusions, what was achieved behind the scandal of normalization? What did the Moroccans gain from this deal economically? What did the Palestinian cause and peace gain practically and on the ground?”

After the Moroccan Authority for the Support of the Nation’s Causes condemned the government’s and its parliamentary majority’s approval of the shame and disgrace agreements, it called on the Moroccan people to “further besiege normalizers and normalization on all fronts and in all fields and rally more and more around Palestine and its just cause.”

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