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UN Security Council strongly condemns the terrorist attack that targeted civilians in Mali

The United Nations Security Council condemned “in the strongest terms” the terrorist attack that targeted a truck carrying civilians near the village of Songhu on the road linkingS onghu and Bandiagara in central Mali, leaving a number of dead and wounded.

In a communiqué issued yesterday evening, Monday, the members of the United Nations executive body expressed their “deepest condolences to the families of the victims and to the Malian transitional government,” stressing that “terrorism in all its forms and manifestations constitutes a “serious” threat to international peace and security.”

The Group of 15 also stressed the need to bring to justice the perpetrators of these “heinous” terrorist acts, as well as their funders, organizers and sponsors.

The transitional government in Mali condemned, in a statement published on Saturday, the armed attack on a truck carrying civilians, which left 31 dead and 17 wounded, according to an official toll, and pledged to take all measures to arrest and punish the perpetrators of this “tragic and despicable” attack.

The Malian Transitional Government also welcomed the efforts made by the Malian armed and security forces in the fight against terrorism in all its forms.

The transitional president of Mali, Assimi Goita, declared a three-day national mourning for the victims of the attack, starting today, Sunday

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