2022 Mediterranean Games: President of the Albanian Olympic Committee praised the preparation for Oran event

The President of the Albanian Olympic Committee, Fidel Ylli, praised the preparation underway in Oran to host the 19th edition of the Mediterranean Games next summer, stressing that “all the arrangements are guaranteed to all participants.”

In a statement to the official page of the Algerian Olympic and Sports Committee on its “Facebook” page, Mr. Ylli said: “I think that Oran presented an important project and that all arrangements are guaranteed to the participants. We are convinced that everything is going well thanks to the structures that the city has prepared such as the Mediterranean village.”

The same official indicated that this good impression about Oran’s preparation for the upcoming Mediterranean Games stems from the recent visits to Algeria of various officials of the International Committee for the Mediterranean Games, as well as the Conference of Heads of Delegations of the countries concerned with the event that took place at the end of last year.

With regard to the participation of Albanian athletes, the same official confirmed that his authority is in the process of providing all the means for the good preparation of its athletes and is looking forward to achieving good results during the Mediterranean Games scheduled from 25 June to 6 July.

He added: “We plan to give the federations the opportunity to prepare at the Training Center a few weeks before the start of the games. The federations started the preparations a while ago, and they are now in the phase of selecting the best athletes.”

The President of the Albanian Olympic Committee did not hide his ambitions to win the largest possible number of medals, by participating with the best athletes, such as one of the local champions who won a gold medal in weightlifting at the World Championships that took place in Uzbekistan, in addition to other champions who represented Albania in the recent Olympic Games in Tokyo, notably in boxing, judo and gymnastics.

Mr. Ylli also stressed the importance of the Mediterranean Games, stressing that, “unlike the Olympic Games, they give the opportunity for the largest possible number of athletes to participate.” in addition to the cultural and civilizational dimension they represent for the peoples of the region.

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