Algerian National Theater: 60 years in the service of the fourth art

The Algerian National Theatre, which is a cultural institution by excellence, is celebrating the 60th anniversary of its founding.

Established on January 8, 1963, the Algerian National Theatre is aimed at contributing to cultural development through the production and distribution of dramatic and choreographic performances of an educational and cultural nature.

Algeria, which celebrates this year the 60th anniversary of the recovery of its national sovereignty, had dedicated, only months after its independence, a prestigious cultural edifice with clear-cut goals.

The Algerian National Theater has been entrusted with research tasks in order to identify and highlight the characteristics of the authentic Algerian theater with its specificities and aesthetic elements, and to present a number of theater works inspired by the texts of Algerian authors, as well as to enrich its repertoire through the production of plays on texts by foreign authors belonging to the classical and modern world theater.

The Algerian National Theater also contributes, according to the tasks entrusted to it, to the various cultural events organized in Algeria and abroad, and ensures a wide popular distribution of its artistic creations.

Eminent artist Mahieddine Bachtarzi (1897-1986), who was raised by the most prominent stars of art in the Algerian theater, and whose name is born today by the Algerian National Theater, is considered the first to introduce the Algerian theater to the stage, and he also contributed to the discovery of many talents in the fields of theater and singing.

The Algerian National Theater is still at the heart of the practice of the fourth art, by organizing a group of theater demonstrations, as well as delivering courses and training workshops with qualitative and high-level cooperation in coordination with technical training institutions in the various elements of theater work, in addition to the continuity of performances with periodic theater productions.

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