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Algerian Television journalists participate at 25th International Book Fair of Algiers (SILA) with various books

The 25th International Book Fair of Algiers (SILA) witnessed an important participation of books and publication of Algeria Television journalists

The famous journalist Zine El Abidine Bouacha participated with his new book “Corona in Algeria, State Strategy in Crisis Management”, while the journalist and proofreader, Dahou Kamel exhibited his book “The Use of Arabic language in the Algerian Television ”, while the rising journalist Zehor Imen Allal participated with a analytical study publication entitled “Economic Issues in the Algerian Press”.

Zine El Abidine Boucha: Corona in Algeria, State Strategy in Crisis Management.

In his book entitled ” Corona in Algeria, State Strategy in Crisis Management” issued by Dar El Ouma  Publishing and Distribution House, the journalist Zine El Abidine Boucha, brings us back to the first year of the pandemic in Algeria, highlighting the state crisis management and the measures taken by the state to face the virus.

The author presented an analysis of what he called “a comprehensive crisis management plan adopted by the state in stages”, considering corona “an epidemic that has repercussions on families, population groups and even on security and the economy, which requires coordination at a higher level of ministries”.

Daho Kamel: The Use of Arabic language in the Algerian Television

For his part, journalist and proofreader, Dahou Kamal, makred his participation at “SILA 2022″, with a book entitled” The Use of Arabic language in the Algerian Television: the main news bulletin as a model”published by the Supreme Council of the Arabic language. The book is a study that defines the features of Arabic language and its characteristics. It also describes the use of Arabic language in broadcasting media, mainly in the Algerian Television.

In a question on the backgrounds of writing his book, which carried a lot of correct media writing methods, Mr. Dahou pointed out that the media and literary work, stems from personal experience in Algerian Television through his work as a proofreader, which allowed him to learn about the reality of the Arabic language within this prestigious media institution.

The journalist Zehor Imen Allal: Economic Issues in the Algerian Press

Algeria Television website journalist, Zehor Imen Allal, exhibited her latest publication “Economic Issues in the Algerian Press” at the the 25th International Book Fair of Algiers (SILA), a book edited by Ouamda Publishing, Distribution and Translation House.

The Press writer said that the publication is an analytical study that seeks to put under spotlight economic issues in private press, by revealing press interest degree on economic issues. The journalist notes that she adopted survey methodology in its academic work aiming at analyzing and interpreting the gathered data from media materials in form and content.

The journalist pointed out that the results of this analytical study that reflect the interest of the press in economic issues, both in terms of the size of the space allocated to them or the way of dealing with various relevant news, whether local or international, saying” attention to economic issues in national newspapers has become more than necessary than ever compared to global transformations, The power of the State is the strength of its economy“.

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