Algérie Telecom: Connecting 100,000 customers to optic fiber network since the beginning of 2022

Algérie Telecom announced, in a statement issued today, Friday, that the 100,000th customer (100,000) has been connected to IDOOM-FIBRE optic fiber network since the beginning of 2022.

The source stated that Algérie Telecom “reached a record number of customers connected to the optic-fiber network (IDOOM-FIBRE) since the beginning of this year, which amounted to one hundred thousand customers, an increase of 117 percent,” describing this number as “record”, compared to the same period in 2021.

The statement added, “This unprecedented achievement in a sector that is witnessing a continuous transformation, is mainly due to the commitment of its technical and commercial teams that have been recruited across the entire national territory in order to meet the growing needs in terms of quality of services and Internet connectivity.”

On the occasion of this symbolic event, the day before yesterday, Wednesday, Algérie Telecom visited the 100,000th customer of this year, residing in the province of Mila, to thank him for his trust, as it granted him a year of free and unlimited internet in IDOOM-FIBRE offer of 100 megabytes.

Algérie Telecom did not miss this opportunity to stress that it puts customers “at the heart of this dynamic to support the digital transformation of our country.”

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