Algiers security: 12 persons arrested as part of a drug trafficking gang in El Harrache

Algerian province security, represented by the criminal police unit in the administrative district of El Harrache, arrested 12 individuals who have been previously judicially charged with drug possession and trafficking in psychotropic substances for the purpose of selling, according to a statement from the General Directorate of National Security issued on Sunday.”

The source also indicated that ‘’the criminal police unit in the administrative district of El Harrache, representing the security services of the Algerian province, managed to arrest 12 individuals with ages ranging between 20 and 55 years old, who are judicially charged and originate from the state of Algiers, for possession of drugs and psychotropic substances with the intention of trafficking.”

The statement added that the ongoing and continuously supervised case by the regional prosecution resulted in the police unit confiscating and seizing drugs and psychotropics of various types including 429 pills of psychotropics, 150 solid drugs, 88.26 grams of cannabis, 6 prohibited bladed weapons of various sizes, an amount of 26 million local currenc, as well as 2 tourist vehicles, a motorcycle and 10 mobile phones.

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