Batna province: Imedghassen International Film Festival kicks off

Imedghassen International Film Festival kicked off yesterday in Imedghassen in Batna province with the participation of various movies and many actors.

In a statement to the Algerian TV EPTV, the festival’s commissioner, Issam Taachit, confirmed that the festival, which was inaugurated yesterday and that will last for four days, is considered as a cultural party, stressing that this event is a breath of fresh air for cinema in Batna in particular and in Algeria in general.

The commissioner affirmed that “Well-famous stars and actors will walk on the red carpet of the festival” adding that “The festival includes a national contest and an international one, and that many actors from different provinces and countries are participating to win the Dihia d’Or trophy.”

Concerning the participating movies at Imedghassen Film Festival, Issam Taachit revealed that more than 420 films have been submitted, from which small groups have been selected. The short list includes 14 international films and 11 national films, in addition to “Panorama of Batna” as an encouragement for youth in the region.

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