CHAN-2022: Algeria has succeeded in its organisational challenge

African Football Confederation President, Patrice Motsepe, expressed his elation over the “tremendous success” of the CHAN-2022 tournament, held in Algiers, and recognized Algeria’s triumphant achievement in successfully meeting the organizational challenge.

“The CHAN-2022 tournament was a resounding success, not only in terms of its logistical organization, but also because of the enthusiastic support of the Algerian fans, who added a unique and unforgettable touch to this 7th edition. I extend my sincere gratitude to President Abdelmadjid Tebboune for his steadfast support, which was instrumental in making this African event such a triumph,” Motsepe said during the press conference, which was dedicated to presenting the outcome of the CHAN-2022 tournament in Algeria.

Reiterating that the 7th edition of CHAN was “the best of all previous editions,” the CAF president noted that “Algeria scored positive marks in terms of organization and the Algerian people can be proud of what was presented during this edition.”

The top official of African football called on all African countries to respect the laws and regulations of CAF and FIFA at that time, underlining that his organization has “opened an investigation into Morocco’s forfeit and its absence from this edition.”

“We have internal regulations governing the African body and everyone must understand this. Morocco’s participation was announced and Algeria, as the host country, made all necessary arrangements to welcome them under the best conditions,” said Motsepe.

The CAF president also addressed the question of hosting the African Cup of Nations (CAN-2025), which Algeria is bidding for. “The most crucial aspect for us is that the executive committee selects the host nation for the CAN-2025 in a climate of transparency and sporting ethics,” he stated. “The decision will be taken by all members, and I will ensure that it is done with the utmost tranquility and in full compliance with the regulations.”

And added, “We haven’t set a date for announcing the host nation for the CAN-2025 because, simply, the CAF wants to make the right decision without any haste and in accordance with the standards required for organizing such competitions.”

The seventh edition of CHAN will come to a close this Saturday (8:30 pm) with the final match between the Algerian and Senegalese teams at Nelson Mandela Stadium in Baraki, Algeria.

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