Constantine: Allocating 14 approved selling points for Eid Al-Adha across the province’s municipalities

In Constantine, 14 points have been allocated for the sale of Eid Al-Adha that meet the necessary health and preventive conditions through veterinary inspection of the sacrifice, in implementation of a state decision, according to the local directorate of agricultural.

The director of agricultural services, Yassine Ghadiri, stated that, in coordination with the joint committee that includes several sectors, 14 approved selling points for livestock were opened across the 12 municipalities of this state in anticipation of the blessed Eid al-Adha, through the markets of these local groups, in addition to an approved selling point in the administrative district of Ali Mandjeli and another in the capital of the province, as well as at least 150 agricultural investors to raise livestock.

These points of sale are framed by 30 veterinarians and technicians affiliated with the public sector, in addition to them private veterinarians who participate in the supervision in a unilateral voluntary capacity in order to provide a healthy Eid Al Adha conditions for the citizen

In this regard, Ghadiri called on citizens to go to the approved selling points to purchase the sheep that has veterinary certificates, in order to avoid the acquisition of sheeps in places where there are no veterinarians.

Regarding the location of these points, the citizen can use the electronic platform “”, which allows the consumer to accurately identify the available places of sale near him, according to the same source.

The province veterinary inspector stated that all state massacres will be harnessed and placed at the disposal of citizens during Eid al-Adha, stressing that veterinary services will be present inside the slaughterhouses to ensure the good progress of the process and the application of preventive measures.

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