Egyptian actor Ahmed Khalil died at the age of 80

The great Egyptian actor Ahmed Khalil died yesterday, Tuesday, in a Cairo hospital, at the age of 80, after being infected with Coronavirus, according to the head of the Profession Syndicate Ashraf Zaki.

Ahmed Khalil was infected in the last days of shooting “My Story with Time” from the series “Except me”, which is broadcast on the dmc channel and his funeral will take place today after the noon prayer, according to the same source.

The late artist Ahmed Khalil is currently being screened in the story “My Story with Time” from the series “Except I” in its second season, starring Mervat Amin, and Ashraf Zaki.

Late artist Ahmed Khalil, born in Dakahlia in 1941, showed his artistic inclinations in his early age, until he joined the acting team at the school, and then at the Higher Institute of Performing Arts Department.

Ahmed Khalil graduated from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts (acting department) in 1965, he was appointed as a teaching assistant at the institute and joined the “Al Jeib” Theater, to perform in 9 plays, starting with the extras for the championship, such as “Ya Tala’ al-Shajara,” “Yasin and Bahia,” and “Love Under Guard,” until the “Al Jeib”  Theater was closed, he then played in three films: “3 faces of love,” and “wild flowers”, and “the meeting”.

Ahmed Khalil traveled in 1974 to work in Gulf countries and became famous there, and he returned to the Egyptian drama through the series “Al Saqia Tadour”. Khalil became famous for the series “Hawanem Garden City”, “The Morning and Evening Talk” and “Zaman Imad Al-Din”.

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