Internet: Algérie Telecom launches new promotions on the occasion of the month of Ramadan

Algérie Telecom has launched special Ramadan promotions for internet services that allow its resident customers to benefit from “exceptional” advantages, according to a company statement today.

The source explained that “on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan 2022, Algérie Telecom is launching a special promotion for internet services, allowing our resident customers to benefit from exceptional advantages, as from the first day of the holy month (April 2), adding that this promotion “concerns each new subscription in Algérie Telecom’s internet offers or the increase in the flow speed (moving to higher streaming speed levels) in Idoom FIBRE and Idoom ADSL services.”

Accordingly, the source indicates that the resident customers of Algerie Telecom will benefit from a 15 megabytes per second flow speed at a price of 1000 dinars / month instead of 1999 dinars / month, and 20 megabytes per second at a price of 1700 dinars / month only instead of 2599 dinars / month.

“As for 50 megabytes per second, it will set at 2800 dinars/month instead of 3599 dinars/month, and 100 megabytes/second at 6500 dinars instead of 6599 dinars/month,” according to the statement.

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