Ministry of Youth and Sports launches a campaign against social scourges

A national campaign to combat social scourges affecting young people was launched on Wednesday in Algiers under the theme “The fight against social scourges affecting young people is everyone’s duty”.

This initiative, organised by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, is part of the National Youth Plan (NYP) and the Ministry of Youth and Sports’ action programme for 2021.

This national initiative aims to «spread guidance and advice related to youth health, including programmes to combat social scourges in young people environment with psychological support and coaching programmes “.

This campaign is supervised by managers working in ” Healthcare for Young People ” counselling and prevention units in the youth establishments in the provinces, in conjunction with the associations active in this sector, the executive bodies of the provinces, the various security bodies and local and national media.

The campaign, which will last throughout the current year, will be marked by on-site visits and awareness-raising campaigns in various youth environments, and the organisation of specific operations tailored to the characteristics of each region.

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