National football team is heading to Cairo to face Djibouti

The first group of the Algerian national football team left the homeland today, Monday, for Egypt in anticipation of the match that will oppose it to Djibouti on Friday (14:00) in Cairo, as part of the fifth match of the second round of the first group of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

The Algerian delegation – led by the president of the Algerian Football Federation, Amara Charafeddine – includes members of the technical staff, some other crews, and Coach Djamel Belamri, Youcef Belaili and Baghdad Bounedjah. The delegation will make a stop-over in Paris, France, to take the rest of the players who play in Europe.

After their arrival to Egypt, the first training session will be programmed in anticipation of the fifth match, during which the players will be distributed in three groups. The first group includes those who played Sunday’s matches with their clubs, while the rest of the players who have recently benefited from rest will be  distributed.

After four matches of World Cup qualifiers, Algeria and Burkina Faso share the lead with 10 points, while Niger is in the third row with 3 points and Djibouti is lagging behind with zero points.

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