New government measures to improve cultural structures and services

Minister of Culture and Arts, Malika Bendouda, presented on Wednesday,  to the government new measures aimed at improving the quality and effectiveness of cultural structures and services in the form of two draft decrees related to the conditions for practicing the activity of workers in cultural and artistic performances and the Model Basic Law for Theaters.

A document of the ministry stated that Minister Malika Bendouda submitted a draft executive decree regarding the modalities for practicing cultural and artistic performances, which gives priority to holders of university degrees in cultural and artistic specializations in order to obtain licenses to practice this activity.

The draft decree repeals the provisions stipulated in Executive Decree No. 06-218 of June 18, 2006, and provides for the reduction of the required documents, the time for responding to the request, the possibility of requesting and renewing it via Internet, increasing the license validity period from 3 to 5 years, and the delivery of the license to foreign promoters for a period of two (2) years for the first application, then 5 years in case of renewal.

The Minister of Culture and Arts also presented a draft executive decree related to the Model Basic Law for Theaters, which aims to revive the mobility of theatrical activity and production at the local level by creating a healthy competitive atmosphere among the sector’s professionals.

The text also included the substitution of the Basic Law of “Regional Theater” with the Basic Law of “Public Theater” or “Private Theater,” and defines the modalities for establishing, organizing and running public theaters.

This draft decree also provides for the establishment of “performance contracts” between the services of the Ministry of Culture and Arts and public theater directorates, and provides private persons (natural persons) with the ability to operate public theaters through agreements with the Ministry. It also establishes artistic committees charged with the assistance of theater directors.

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