Search operation for a missing victim swept away by torrential rains continues

The search operation for a missing victim who was swept away by torrential rains in Bou Saada (Province of M’sila) following bad weather conditions, that also caused material losses and cut off national and provincial roads in several provinces, continues, according to a statement by the General Directorate of Civil Protection.

Four people were killed in the province of M’sila due to weather disturbances caused by torrential rains that fell in the area during the last 24 hours.

A 37-year-old person whose body was pulled from a car swept away by waters of Oued al Khengue at the level of National Road No. 46 in the municipality of Salim, and the body of another person (40 years) who was in a car washed away by the pouring rain 4 km from the National Road No. 70 in the municipality of Ain El Melh.

Civil protection teams were also able to recover the bodies of two other people (a woman and a girl), who were on board a car that was swept away by the floods of Oued Jenan Eroumia in the same municipality.

Bad weather conditions during the last 24 hours also caused several material losses that affected houses and facilities, with the cutting off of parts of national and provincial roads.

In the province of M’sila, the rise in the level of rivers has cut off the national roads No. 45, 04, 70, 89 and 40, as well as the provincial roads No. 38 and 03 and the provincial road No. 11, linking Amsif and Khabana, which has become difficult to take due to partial damage to the bridge.

In the provinces of Setif, Medea, Oum El Bouaghi, Bordj Bou Arreridj and Guelma, civil protection units absorbed rainwater infiltrated into a number of houses and public facilities.

In Biskra, the national road No. 83 in the municipality of Mziraa is cut off, with the difficulty of taking the national road No. 03 in the municipality of Qantara, due to the accumulation of rainwater, the same source added.

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