Setif: More than 36,000 people were vaccinated during the first week

In the province of Setif, 36,641 people received the vaccine against the emerging coronavirus, Covid-19, during the first week of the national vaccination campaign that began last Saturday, according to the province services today.

The same services confirmed that the number of people who received the first dose during the same period amounted to 13,043, compared to 23,598 people who received the second dose, through 447 vaccination centers, including 281 fixed centers and 166 mobile centers with 166 teams being harnessed to attract the largest possible number of citizens, especially in remote areas.

The national vaccination campaign, in its first week in the province, enabled it to achieve nearly 40 percent of the goal set during this campaign, which is considered the largest vaccination campaign against Covid 19 in Algeria, which is targeting 100,000 people across the territory, which represents 5 percent of the national target estimated to vaccinate 1 million people at the national level as explained.

The number of people vaccinated is also expected to rise with the extension of the national vaccination campaign until the end of the year, especially across the 510 remote areas targeted by the campaign, which are scattered across all the twenty districts of the state.

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