Snowfall: civil protection calls for vigilance

The Civil Protection on Tuesday called on citizens to be more cautious and vigilant and to follow safety instructions when driving their vehicles, following the special meteorological bulletin relating to snowfalls expected on several provinces in the north of the country.

The Civil Protection recommends, in a press release, to check where to change the windscreen wipers, as rain and snow affect visibility. It also recommends checking that the windscreen washer tank is full, so that the windscreen can be cleaned regularly.

The instructions also include regular cleaning of the vehicle’s headlights, front and rear, as well as the inside of the windscreen and the mirrors.

Citizens are also asked to turn on their vehicle lights throughout the day as it is important to see and be seen and to reduce the speed at which they drive. They are also advised to check the tyres, including the spare wheel, and to fill up with fuel before a long journey.

To avoid the inconvenience of snow blocking the roads, users should bring a blanket, gloves, a first aid kit, medication for chronic illnesses, a scraper to de-ice windows, a can of anti-freeze windscreen washer, a torch, a safety waistcoat and a warning triangle.

In case of emergency, citizens can call the Civil Protection on the numbers “1021” or “14”, specifying the nature of the incident and the exact address.

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