Tissemsilt: Acquisition of four 5,000-litre oxygen tanks for health institutions

Four oxygen tanks with a capacity of 5,000 liters each were recently acquired for four health institutions in Tissemsilt province, the acting director of the local administration said on Wednesday.

During his presentation of a report on the additional budget for the current year, Mohammed Mikadim explained that these tanks, which were acquired within the additional budget for this year, will be installed soon at the level of the public health institutions of Tissemsilt province: Theniet El Had, Bordj Bounaama, and pediatric hospital of Tissemsilt city.

50 million Algerian dinars has been allocated for the acquisition of these tanks, a purchase under “urgent needs” for medical oxygen, especially for the treatment of Coronavirus patients, according to the same official.

The same official also revealed the allocation of 22 million Algerian dinars for the acquisition of oxygen production plant with a capacity of 22 cubic meters under the additional budget for the current year, as well as the allocation of 2 million Algeria dinars for the acquisition of oxygen cylinders to support the province’s three public hospitals.


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