Broadcasting of national channels on E7WA satellite with S2-DVB technology

Radio and Television Broadcasting Corporation in Algeria has started, since Sunday, broadcasting the channels of the Algerian public television corporation with the DVB-S2 standard on the West EUTELSAT 7.3, according to a communiqué issued by the corporation.

In order to improve the spectral efficiency by increasing the flow rate of broadcasting on the E7WA@7.3 satellite, the Radio and Television Broadcasting Corporation began broadcasting between the night of Saturday 17 July and Sunday 18 July at 2 am, broadcasting public television channels in DVB- S2 on the EUTELSAT 7.3 West satellite.

This transition will allow the provision of a stream in broadcast capacity that can add new channels in original high definition or progressive upscaling and improve the quality of services provided.

Accordingly, in order to continue receiving the national bouquet of channels, viewers and listeners must re-download the package of the Radio and Television Broadcasting Corporation according to reception standards, the Western satellite EUTELSAT 7.3, frequency 11679.57 MHz, horizontal polarization, coding rate 27500, modulation DVB-S2, PSKB, FEC2/ 3 .

On this occasion, the Radio and Television Broadcasting Corporation stated that this package currently contains eight national television channels (The National Program, Canal Algérie, the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth) and seven radio channels (Channel One, Channel Two, and Three, Radio Quran, Radio Algeria International, Cultural Radio and Radio Sahel), noting that adding new channels and improving the quality of the currently available ones will be done “gradually according to a timetable to be determined after coordination with the public institution of Algerian television.”

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