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Large turnout by journalists and media professionals for vaccination at “Tahar Djaout” Press House

Press House “Taher Djaout” in Algiers, saw high turnout as journalists and staffs were invited by Communication Ministry to get anti-covid-19 vaccines, amid strict preventive and health measures.

Human and material resources are harnessed from 9 to 11 a.m as more than 130 people were vaccinated in very good conditions, according to the supervisors of the operation that started last Friday.

In this regard, the head of general resources department at the Press House, Taleb Abdelaziz, confirmed that the vaccination campaign, which continues for the third day in a row, is experiencing a “high turnout” by journalists, workers and employees of media sector, in order to “benefit from vaccination against coronavirus”, noting that “over the past two days more than 600 people have been vaccinated”.

According to the official, “The Directorate of health of Algiers, Civil Protection and National Security, with the participation of the Bouchnafa clinic participated in this operation”.

Persons who have benefited from this vaccination campaign underlined the importance of vaccination to protect public health and to avoid the spread of the virus, as journalists are working very close to the virus, and are vulnerable to the contamination.

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