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Ministry of Pharmaceutical Industry: Saidal project to produce “Coronavac” vaccine locally “won’t be delayed”

The Ministry of Pharmaceutical Industry confirmed, today, Friday, in Algiers, that the project to produce the vaccine “Coronavac” against “Covid-19” by the public group Saidal in partnership with the Chinese Sinovac Corporation is proceeding according to the established program and “does not know any delay” in light of respecting the deadlines set for that.

The ministry explained in a press release, that “the production program won’t be delayed, but on the contrary, this process is taking place in short periods, knowing that the vaccine has less than a year in existence.”

The same source added, “The raw material was received on August 27th, according to the terms of the contract, as biological and microbiological analyzes started, which will last three (3) weeks.”

“In conjunction with that, all equipment and machines were sterilized according to the protocol for the production of materials intended for injection, especially vaccines”, according to the press release, indicating that “All these stages will enable the actual start of the production of the vaccine at the end of September.”

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